Motion Reel


How can motion design thoughtfully promote a vibrant artistic community?

  • Motion,
  • Visual Design,
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3 months

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The Challenge

Gage Academy of Art is a non-profit art school in Seattle that offers a wide variety of art classes for students of all ages and skill levels. Their youth programs foster creativity, confidence, and experimentation, and their intensive adult Atelier programs provide students with an immersive, communal environment that requires a strong work ethic and desire to hone their craft.

The Gage Annual Fund

I was tasked with developing and animating a 3-minute promotional video that communicated the impact Gage has on the community while representing Gage’s brand and artistic merit.

The Atelier Show

A promotional piece for the renowned Atelier program.

Gage Georgetown

Additionally, I was tasked with designing a catalog of classes for the Gage Georgetown campus.

The whole catalog! Download the PDF ↗