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How can motion design thoughtfully promote a vibrant artistic community?

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3 months

About Gage

Gage Academy of Art is a non-profit art school in Seattle that offers a wide variety of art classes for students of all ages and skill levels. Their youth programs foster creativity, confidence, and experimentation, and their intensive adult Atelier programs provide students with an immersive, communal environment that requires a strong work ethic and desire to hone their craft.

The Challenge

While their audience spans a wide age range, everyone who participates shares a driven creative spirit. It was my responsibility to communicate that spirit to those who wish to participate as well as those who wish to foster that type of creativity in their community.

The Gage Annual Fund

Every year, Gage appeals to those in the community with the desire and the means to further their mission. I was tasked with developing and animating a 3-minute promotional video that communicated the impact Gage has on the community while representing Gage’s brand and artistic merit.

I worked along side the Creative Manager and Development Coordinator to write, shoot, and edit interviews with five students. We designed our questions around a desired narrative and it was my job to condense five hours of footage into a concise 3-minute video. I then threaded the edited interview with expressive motion design to further immerse the audience and promote Gage’s artistic values.

The Atelier Show

In another promotional piece, this time for the renowned Atelier program, I was given previously shot footage and asked to edit interviews and add title cards, lower-thirds, and explanatory motion graphics.

The whole catalog! Download the PDF ↗

Gage Georgetown catalog

In addition to the motion design and video work, I was tasked with designing a print catalog of classes for the Gage Georgetown campus. I was given brand guidelines, artistic assets, and a quick deadline.