Motion graphics and print design for Vitch, the feature length documentary about a Jewish artist from Poland and the controversial choices he had to make in order to survive the Holocaust.

Client: MPPI

The Film

Eddie Vitch was a Jewish mime and caricature artist from Poland who survived the Holocaust by performing for the Nazis. The documentary “Vitch” follows his family piecing together his difficult journey.

I was tasked with designing and animating engaging scenes to display and emphasize documents, photographs, and articles crucial to the veracity of the documentary.

The Catalogue

Additionally, I designed a 90-page exhibition catalogue of Eddie Vitch’s life and work, to sell at exhibitions for fundraising. The catalogue was a more celebratory project that added playful elements of surprise as you might find in Vitch’s caricatures; taking pieces of his work and throwing them in the margins, creatively aligning elements on the page, and cutting off the headings.

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